Kittens for Sale (Cost $10)

We have one beautiful kitten and one sweet but independent mama cat looking for homes. We might have more kittens available for adoption soon, so let us know if you want two.

The kitten is a 2.5 month old female. She is very sweet, cuddly, playful and most importantly, litter trained. She would loved to be adopted into a home with another kitten or older male cat.

The mama kitten is about 1.5 years old. She was a stray when we took her in over the summer so she is independent and wants to be an indoor/outdoor kitty. She also has a very sweet side and likes to sit on the couch and get he butt scratched. She would do best in a home where there were no other lady cats. She is neutered and litter trained.

(post olive photo)

Please email us at susan.garbett (at) gmail.com if you want these babes in your home.


TUFFY! said...

put in in the fed-ex to my house!!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

Hi! Our mutual friend Nels directed me here :)
I am looking for a kitten, hoping for a male, for a Christmas gift for my son. We live in the Ojai/Ventura area. Pleas let me know if you have any more, or know of anyone else with kittens. Thanks so much!

sue said...

Hey Michelle, I definitly have a girl kitty and might have a boy. I'll know in a few days. What is your email address and I'll send you some more recent photos.

09smithjame said...

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09smithjame said...
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